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Three Stooges Personal Checks

Comedy is one of the most entertaining genres in the world of show business. Who doesn’t enjoying laughing at humorous and nonsensical scenes? There are various types of comedy. There are comedies which are intellectual in nature and are made to stimulate the individual’s mind before he actually understands why he should laugh. There are also some comedies which are just plain nonsense, full of exaggerations and obscenities, and completely pointless if taken seriously. It has been discovered that one of the most appealing comedies to the public is that which has nothing serious to offer, nothing intellectual to talk about, and basically nothing good to teach.

While some people may think that a non-educational and nonsensical show such as this can be somewhat harmfully influential to other people, there are also some who think that these kinds of shows are genius. It’s true that you won’t learn anything from them and you also won’t have to think much when watching them, but that’s the exact reason why it’s so enjoyable to watch. Some shows require you to read between the lines and understand everything before getting the funniness of the concept. But shows which are just plain funny make it much easier for the audience to appreciate them without having to think a lot.

One of the most popular shows that have this type of genre is the Three Stooges. We all know the name. It’s one of the classic programs which made us sit in front of the TV and laugh the entire time. The Three Stooges were known for their farce acts, where they made fun of almost everything even though these things aren’t actually funny or comedic. They also made use of slapstick to provide for the senseless comedy that they are performing. Slapstick is the act of exaggerated but actually painless violence that people do in order to make the viewers laugh. There are a lot of memories that people have about the Three Stooges, but the most memorable of these were the Stooges themselves.

First comes Moe. Moe Howard is one of the Howard brothers who played a role in the Three Stooges. He has the trademark look of bowl-cut hair, with the bangs and the entire shape of his hair formed like an upside down bowl. Moe was like the old brother of the group. He was always the one to act out major roles which needed more character. He was like the mentor and senior in the Stooges and he was also the acting older brother of Curly.

Curly was the Stooge’s baby, which is exactly the opposite of his brother Moe. He wasn’t really an actor but he was naturally comedic and he portrayed childish mannerisms, making him the most popular character of the group.

Larry was their common friend. He was the neutral one who always acted out supporting roles. He wasn’t like Moe or Curly. He has his own personality, but he was basically Moe’s follower and Curly’s guardian at the same time.

The memory of the Three Stooges will always remain with the American people, and even with the people from other nationalities. If you’re a very big fan of the trio or if you have a certain connection to them that you would like to express, you can show this through your personal valuables and possessions. You can have the Three Stooges as the theme for your personal bank checks, or you can also have them printed on your other personal items. It may be hard to get collectibles from them anymore, but you can still look in auctions and online shopping sites to find some valuable antiques.