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Dr. Pepper Personal Checks

We all love soda. Carbonated drinks are so fun and refreshing to drink with their fizz running down our throats and their coldness quenching our thirsts. There are so many different brands and flavors of soft drinks that you can find in the market today and a lot of them are very popular because of their refreshingly delectable taste. Cola is an all-time favorite with brands ranging from Coke to Pepsi. There’s also the clear colored lemon lime in the names of Sprite and 7 Up. Some other soda drinks are in orange flavors like Crush or yellow lemon flavors like Mountain Dew. There are also other variations of these popular brands like Pepsi Blue, Vanilla Coke, Pineapple Crush, and Cherry Sprite. With the wide array of flavors that you can choose from, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find the one that really suits your tastes and bubbles up your tongue.

But what about a different flavor that’s very unique and exotic –  a flavor that you can’t describe because it doesn’t come from any kind of fruit or any kind of food that’s familiar to you? It might seem hard to appreciate something so sophisticated and unique, and some people might feel like there’s something different with that kind of flavor because it’s like an all new flavor that was artificially created. But there are some very good products that, with the right advertisement and marketing strategies, can also get the favor of many despite the very unique taste that they have. One of these is Dr. Pepper.

At the first sound of the name, you would think that it’s just an ordinary cola soda or maybe orange soft drink. But once you get a bottle or can of Dr. Pepper and you taste its very unique flavor, you might just want to have some more. There’s something very special about the flavor that Dr. Pepper has because it’s a very one of a kind taste. It’s something indescribable, something so hard to understand yet so easy to appreciate.

Having been produced and introduced in the public at a very early period, Dr. Pepper is the very first soda pop to have used 23 flavors. It was marketed in 1885 – one year before Coca-Cola was established –  making Dr. Pepper actually a senior of the famous cola brand. Dr. Pepper was also a very successful brand of soda. It took the market by surprise with its very unique flavors and very new approach. The history of the name “Dr. Pepper” was one of the biggest curiosities that people still haven’t figured out yet until today. Some say that it’s derived from “pepsin” which is an ingredient in the soda; some say that it’s called “pepper” because it hypes you up and “peps”  you because of its energizing effects; and there are also others who say that there’s a certain Dr. Pepper that the manufacturer of the soda should be thankful for, so he named it after him as a form of tribute.

Regardless of what the origin of the name is, loving Dr. Pepper and all of its products is one thing that you can share with the entire world. You can show others just how much you love the beverage by having some of your valuables imprinted with themes and images of the brand, like your personal bank checks, for instance. There are also various products and merchandise which have the name or logo of Dr. Pepper on them and you can buy these items as collectibles and display them in your home to show everyone your extreme liking for the beverage.